Pamarox Private Limited was incorporated in Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1975 under Indian Companies Act, 1956. Founded by Mr. Seyed Mohamed Maricar and Late Shri. Kanniyalal M Patel, Pamarox is a closely-held company. Our factory is located in Tarapur, about 130 kms from Mumbai and is registered as an SSI unit.

Pamarox manufactures and deals in

  • Industrial Oxygen gas
  • Medical Oxygen gas
  • Nitrogen gas
  • Dissolved Acetylene gas
  • Argon Carbon-di-oxide
  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Gas Mixtures

Pamarox supplies its products through dealer networks located in Mumbai and Vapi (Gujarat). We also sell directly to our customers in the neighboring industrial complexes. Some of our clients include Tarapur Atomic Power Station, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Tata SSL Limited and Jindal. For a partial list of our clients, click here.

Pamarox also offers consultancy services in setting up units to manufacture Oxygen (Industrial and medical), Industrial Nitrogen, Dissolved Acetylene and gas mixtures.

Our Motto

We will provide our customers with the best quality products, service and value.

Our organisation will achieve success by being customer-focused, innovative and Professional -while maintaining profitability and growth at all times.

The strength of our organisation will be honesty, integrity, consistency and fairness with which we interact with our employees, suppliers and our customers.