The following is a partial list of some of our customers. For a comprehensive list, you could send an email to

  1. Tata SSL Limited, Tarapur and Borivilli – Mumbai (Steel Manufacturers)
  2. Larson & Toubro Limited (ECC Division) at TAPS 3 & 4 Site, Tarapur
  3. Tarapur Atomic Power Station 1 & 2, Tarapur
  4. Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Tarapur
  5. JSW Limited, MIDC, Tarapur
  6. Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited (Cold Rolling Division), MIDC, Tarapur
  7. Viiraj Alloys Limited, MIDC, Boisar (Steel Making)
  8. Zenith Chemicals Limited, MIDC, Tarapur
  9. Aarathi Group Of Companies, MIDC, Boisar
  10. Galaxy Chemicals Limited, MIDC, Boisar