Dissolved Acetylene

Dissolved Acetylene

Purity : 97.5%

Capacity : 5.00 Cu. M


Dissolved Acetylene (C2H2) Gas Acetylene is a colorless, combustible gas with a distinctive odour. It is a highly flammable gas, as such, special precautions has to be taken during production & handling.

Dissolved Acetylene usually used with Oxygen (O2) as the fuel component in oxy-acetylene welding and metal cutting.

Product Description

Uses and Features

  • Acetylene is the best and most versatile fuel gas for welding, straightening, bending, forming, hardening, cutting or tempering. It is the hottest flame temperature when compared to MAPP gas, propylene and propane and natural gas (2,910˚C, 2,895˚C, 2,800˚C and 2,780˚C respectively)
  • Acetylene is used as a fuel gas for oxy-acetylene welding, cutting, general localised heating, flame hardening, flame cleaning to remove rust from steel, spalling concrete and other processes requiring a high temperature flame (3,160˚C when combusted in oxygen)
  • Specially purified instrument grade acetylene which has such impurities (arsine, phosphine, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide) removed is used in atomic absorption, analytical instrumentation and navigational beacons.

Precautions in Use

  • Fit and maintain flashback arrestors in equipment
  • Keep hot work and sparks away from cylinder relief devices and hoses.
  • Do not work directly above cylinders
  • Use only approved equipment
  • Do not use at pressure greater than 150 kPa
  • Open cylinder valve slowly
  • Close cylinder valve when not in use
  • Cylinders should be secured from falling over
  • Excessive flow rates may remove acetone from the cylinder
  • Use personal protective equipment.



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